Clean Living Small Pet Cage

clean living small pet cage

    small pet
  • Pocket pet is a term used to refer to any small mammal commonly kept as a household pet. The six general criteria which qualify an animal to be considered a pocket pet are: # its commonality as a domestic housepet # no potential danger to humans or other animals # non-exotic # overall ease of

  • (Small Pets) An animal following the player around. While this does not directly influence the player or monsters, it is cool to have around, especially the rare ones. Usually called "all class pets" or "baby pets". See Baby Pet Guide for details.

  • Confine in or as in a cage

  • something that restricts freedom as a cage restricts movement

  • an enclosure made or wire or metal bars in which birds or animals can be kept

  • Put in prison

  • confine in a cage; "The animal was caged"

clean living small pet cage - Molded Wood

Molded Wood Toilet Seat with Easy-Clean Hinges Finish: Venetian Pink

Molded Wood Toilet Seat with Easy-Clean Hinges Finish: Venetian Pink

540EC 063 Finish: Venetian Pink The 540EC Regular Closed Front with Cover Molded Wood Residential Toilet Seat from Church will bring a cozy atmosphere to any bathroom. Constructed of durable molded wood and equipped with Easy-Clean hinges, the regular molded wood toilet seat from Church is comfortable as well as easy to maintain. Features: -Molded Wood Decorator Toilet Seat -Closed front regular seat with cover -Residential toilet seat -Molded wood toilet seat -Toilet seat equipped with Easy-Clean Lift-Off Hinge with top-tightening bolts -Durable multi-layer, enamel finish -Overall Dimensions : 14.5'' W x 16.88'' L (Tip of seat to back hinges) -Manufacturer also knowns as Church Toilet Seat Company

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Oh we will miss you sherbert :(

Oh we will miss you sherbert :(

About on valentines day a very cute hamster (Miss Sherbert) died.
Godzilla and i think that a hamster's death is very tragic and it just reminds us of how fragile life really is.
We love you Miss Sherbert and we are thinking about you every day!
Here's Knittingskwerlgurl's story:

I got Sherbet at a Petsmart in Arlington Texas. If your from here it was the Lincoln shopping center location. Mike and I were in to look at the animals and get some supplies of some sort, when I checked out the hamsters. I always loved to look at the little critters just to see what they had in, I was just checking them out that's all. That's when I saw her, a small cream baby girl and she slowly, very slowly walked up to where I was. I had my camera with me and I took her portrait. Oh she was a cute little girl!
I couldn't get her out of my head and I vowed to get her if she was still there at the end of the week. She was! Of for joy!! It was love!

Now I had Mr. Hammi Pants, and I loved him too, but my husband loved him a tremendous amount as well so he shared him with me. Miss Sherbet was different, she was mine. I had four hamsters and the first two I don't really recall all that much, I don't even remember if they had names. Before Mr. Hammi Pants and Miss Sherbet, I liked hamsters but I didn't spend a lot of time with them, I didn't know hamsters. I bonded with Mr. Hammi Pants and Miss Sherbet, I really got to know them and they knew me. I was their protector and their mother. I owe my more in depth involvement in their little lives on photographing them, spending hours observing them and playing with them.

The death of a pet is never easy. I was more prepared for the death of Mr. HP and not of Sherbet. He is a little over 2yrs now and they rarely live past 3yrs. There has been the occasional ham to live much longer than that but its rare. I was not prepared for her death. It came fast and quickly. She apparently had an infection in her vagina area. The vet said she may have been sick for about 4 days and it only got bad enough for me to notice just the other day. When I picked her up the other night, there was a pus that came out of her and it scared me terribly. That I had never seen before. The vet thinks that she was in distress that night and was irritated and as a result injured herself trying to scale the aquarium and hitting the house. He checked her head trauma and there was nothing broken. What she did to herself should not have caused her death the way it did. It was the combination of the two things and her little body just gave out. It was fast. She may have been sick for maybe 4 days without me even knowing it. I was not prepared for it at all. Right now, I'm still sick and I've had 3 hrs sleep in the past 48hrs. not good. I havent cleaned out her cage yet. I'll do that tomorrow.

The last time I played with her was on Wed. Oh I was so sick. I could barley move, every muscle hurt. She wanted to come out, so I took her out and she slipped through my fingers onto my bed smooth as silk. She was soft and warm and a ball of energy. She always reminded me of a little bulldog in hamster form. Then I thought better of it. I should put her away in case I get her sick. I put her back. I'll play with you when I get better.

I just want to say thank you everyone for your warm words. It's very touching to know that she was so loved and that she will be missed. This took me completely by surprise. Thank you again.



Parakeets and finches. You can't live with them and you can't roast them for dinner. Well, you could, if you were only feeding a toddler on a diet, and as long as you had plenty of side dishes and the toddler had just consumed a rack of ribs. Parakeets and finches don't have much meat, and that is why they are by and large kept as caged pets by families who don't mind a few seeds on the floor. Okay, a LOT of seeds on the floor, seeds that have to be swept daily or it looks like the Kaytee Fiesta bird food factory.

Summer has many benefits that people north of Oklahoma yearn for all winter. You don't have to dress like Nanooka to go get the mail. Your teeth don't vibrate from chattering after bringing in the mail. Your fingers still have feeling when divvying up the mail and if you have pet birds, you can throw them outside for a few months and let the mice eat the seeds on the ground, so long as the mice can outrun the cats. The sunshine is also healthy for them, but make sure they have shade. It's possible for the little chirpers to get heat stroke.

They seem quite happy outdoors day and night, though it's a little hard to tell. They don't smile or wag tails. They pretty much act the same as they do indoors, flitting about and chirping. Assuming they are more happy outdoors is a projection made by the bird owner who does not have to wade through seeds in the living room during summer.

Unlike most cats, caged house birds do not like being photographed. Anything bigger than they are is considered a predator. Your camera is not a predator but bird brains don't know that. A bird brain tends to look for an escape route when a 24-105 mm lens points at them from an open cage door. To them, it looks like a big eye staring at them before the attack. In a cage, there are no escape routes, so they escalate into a state ready to bang into cage wires. It's best to shoot quickly and back away. Little birds can have big heart attacks which would help solve the winter seed problem in the living room, but you'd lose the melodic trilling and chirping indoors in January.

If you're looking for a pet that you don't have to exercise or groom, I'd like to recommend finches and parakeets, especially if you live in Oklahoma, where you can keep the bird food factory outside all year. Don't try to raise them for food, though, and don't expect these pets to warn you if an intruder attempts to steal your family heirlooms. Their bark is much less than their bite, which is already miniscule. If you get small birds for pets, also get three dogs who need daily exercising, grooming and yard clean up.

clean living small pet cage

clean living small pet cage

Homeopathic Care for Cats and Dogs, Revised Edition: Small Doses for Small Animals

Most people understand homeopathy as a treatment for people, but as this book shows, our four-legged friends can benefit from it as well. First published in 1999, Homeopathic Care for Cats and Dogs quickly became a bestseller and an important resource for anyone looking for a more organic approach to caring for their cats and dogs. Using accessible language, author Don Hamilton gives readers an authoritative overview of animal homeopathy, covering history, treatment principles, homeopathic disease theory, and simple methods for using homeopathic remedies.

Homeopathic Care for Cats and Dogs offers expert guidance on home care and diet, how to obtain the information needed to choose a homeopathic remedy, how to dose remedies, how to choose the potency, and when to repeat remedies if necessary. The book lists organ systems by chapter, providing concise descriptions of symptoms, including how to evaluate patients’ illnesses and when to seek veterinary care. Remedy and supplement suggestions follow disease descriptions. Each section contains the principal remedies needed for treatment. The book ends with a materia medica, which gives more comprehensive remedy information for each medicine listed in the book. This updated edition contains a new chapter on the human-animal relationship, timely information on vaccines, as well as new remedy information in every chapter.

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