Clean floor wood. 409 cleaning products. Clean house with niecy nash

Clean Floor Wood

clean floor wood

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Chão limpo / clean floor

Chão limpo / clean floor

Encontrei essa biblia no chao de uma capela em Campos do Jordao, pedindo pra ser clicada. A vinheta escura da foto e natural, formada pela janela que fazia o contra-luz. Adoro quando acontece isso. : ]

I found this bible begging to be photographed on the floor of a chapel, in Campos do Jordao (Brazil). The natural dark vignette was made by a window, not photoshop. I love when that happens. : ]

Look at that clean floor!

Look at that clean floor!

I figured we had to move the furniture, might as well clean the wood floor and do a little shine on it.

clean floor wood

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